“Marriage is the weaving together of families, of two souls with their individual fates and destinies, of time and eternity – everyday life married to the timeless mysteries of the soul”

~ Thomas Moore



All our One Spirit Interfaith Ministers are authorised to solemnise weddings and so can legally marry you as well as provide a beautiful bespoke ceremony

interfaith-weddings-alternative-ceremony-ireland_2-OneSpirit-Interfaith-Minsters-Ireland-HSE-registered-official-legal-spiritual-alternative-weddings-ireland-sacred-same-sex-gay-lesbian-humanist-spiritualist-multicultural-cross-cultural-celtic-traditional-handfasting-dara-molloy-priest-wedding-ceremony-solemniser-alternative-to-church-non-religious-pagan-wiccan-wedding-vows-blessings-interfaith-ministers-dublin-wicklow-galway-sligo-cork-northern-ireland-NI-atheist-marriageThe role of the One Spirit Interfaith Minister is to help you as couple reflect deeply about the purpose of your relationship, the vision for your life together and how you would like to express your intentions in your wedding ceremony.

What’s particularly wonderful about an Interfaith ceremony is that we offer you complete freedom and flexibility in choosing your content.

Each ceremony is a personal reflection of who you are as a couple and where you are heading together.
You can create your own vows and work with your Celebrant to design a meaningful ceremony which can include your favourite readings and music.

You and your Celebrant will agree on any meetings you would like (in person, by phone or on Skype) and agree the process for completion of the various drafts.


You may want to include any or all of the following in your ceremony:

Music and entrance
 Candle Lighting
 The address
 Declaration of no impediment (needed for a legal marriage)
 Expression of intent (needed for a legal marriage)
 Handfasting ritual
 Blessings and exchanging of rings
 Prayer of blessing
 Final blessing
 Signing of Marriage Registration Form (needed for a legal marriage)
 Celebration music

These are only suggestions of course. Apart from the legal requirements the ceremony will be created to include exactly what you both want. Typically a ceremony would be 30 – 45 minutes.


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FAQ’s about Weddings

How do I choose a Minister?
You can use our directory to search for a minister or use the Minister’s map to locate a minister near you. Check out the profiles of the Ministers and feel free to contact any of them by phone or email to discuss your requirements.

How do I register my marriage?

1. Check that the Minister you want is available on your proposed date.
2. Make an appointment with the local Registrar on a date no less than three months prior to your wedding date, ( eg if your wedding date is 1st May the appointment must be scheduled for a date before the 1st of February ) see details of local registration centres, for documentation required and costs. You will be asked for the venue and the name of your Celebrant so give the full name and say they are from One Spirit Interfaith Foundation. All of our Ministers are on the Register of Solemnisers.
3. Once all your documentation is complete and has been checked you will be given your Marriage Registration Form which you will need to give to your chosen Minister before your Ceremony. NB You can meet with the Registrar first to give notification of your intent to marry and add the name of the Celebrant at a later date if you wish
4. After your wedding you have 1 month in which to return your completed Marriage Registration Form to the Registrar.

Do we have to be religious to have an Interfaith Minister to perform our wedding?
No you do not have to be religious. You can have a ceremony that is spiritual and not aligned with or confined to any particular religious tradition. Interfaith ministers are concerned with meeting the needs of the individual and respecting and honouring each person’s individual beliefs so that together we can create a wedding ceremony that reflects those beliefs.

Do you have a church?
No we don’t have a church. It is up to each Minister to choose how they will serve their communities and what their Ministry will look like, and we are in service to people of all faiths and no faith.

Do I need to be a member of your organisation?
No. One Spirit Interfaith Foundation is a community of Interfaith Ministers not an organisation that members of the general public can join. There are no restrictions or requirements imposed on you by a Minister.

Do I need to do a pre-marriage course?
No, you do not have to do any courses or attend any classes in the lead up to your wedding. However, your Celebrant may give you some reflective questions for you to consider as you plan your ceremony. Many couples really enjoy the reflective time that the questions call for and find it helps to deepen into the meaning of the relationship as well as helping them to create your vows.

Who will create the ceremony?
We will work with you in compiling your ceremony. As Interfaith Ministers and Wedding Celebrants we offer you complete freedom and flexibility with the wedding ceremony. We can provide you with information about alternative wedding ceremonies, including guidelines on preparing your wedding vows, suitable readings, music and songs. We will also share our own experiences of creating ceremony with you but at all times leaving you free to choose every aspect of your ceremony.

When and where can I get married?
An Interfaith minister can marry you legally any day of the week, any time of the day, and in a venue of your choosing that is compliant with Section 52 of the Civil Registrations Act 2004 i.e. it needs to be at an identifiable address and open to the general public.

How much will it cost?
You will need to discuss this matter with the individual Minister.

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