Rev Jane Killingbeck

Available for:
  • Divorce, Separation & Relinquishment Ceremonies
  • End of Life Plans
  • Funerals
  • Meditation
  • One Spirit Community Gatherings
  • Retreats
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Universal Spirituality Study Groups
  • Vow Renewals
  • Weddings
Year of Ordination:


All religions, all this singing, one song.
The differences are just illusion and vanity. 
Sunlight looks a little different on this wall 
than it does on that wall 
and a lot different on this other one, 
but it is still one light.

 – Rumi –



It is my joy to create wedding ceremonies, blessings, and vow renewals Maybe you dream of a  simple traditional ceremony or perhaps you prefer something wildly different– I can create with you something beautiful and individual which you and your guests will always remember.



Funerals & End Of Life Plans

Whether a celebration of  a loved one’s life or predominantly a ceremony to  support that person in  making  the transition to other realms  with ease and grace , a funeral service  is as individual as the loved one who is being honoured. It  also needs to truly allow the gathered   friends and relatives to  let go of the person  as a physical presence. This can be a beautiful  thing, providing a safe space in which people may  mourn  and feel the mixture of feelings which can arise  at times of loss.


In attending to our deaths  in the midst of life,  many people find that  they  have shed a burden and can live their lives more fully. By  creating a ceremony, and thinking clearly about how you would like to die, ideally, and what you would like to happen in the aftermath of your death, ideally, is a loving deed for those close to you, who otherwise in the midst of sorrow may have no idea, or  many different memorie,s of what your wishes would be.

Of course  no one can tell how they will die, and so it is important , having  drawn up your wishes, to then  make sure that no one feels under pressure to  make  your wishes happen if circumstances dictate otherwise.     It is a process of making plans, and then of letting them go, as with so many things in life. .

The recognition that death comes to each of us, a recognition at once consolatory and conciliatory, brings us closer to one another and closer still to the innermost truth of our own being.

Divorce & Relinquishment Ceremonies



“Divorce is a new passage, an entrance into a new life”

I offer ceremonies of healing  which can perhaps  begin or continue a process of affirming  faith in our abiity to be in relationship again,  a process of relinquishment of the bonds that tied us to a certain person ,  a process of letting go. This can be done jointly or individually according to need.


One Spirit Interfaith Community Gatherings



What if our religion was each other.

If our practice was our life.

If prayer, our words.

What if the temple was the Earth.

If forests were our church.

If holy water the rivers, lakes, and ocean.

What if meditation was our relationships.

If the teacher was life.

If wisdom was self-knowledge.

If love was the centre of our being

– Ganga White  –


I hold regular  One Spirit Interfaith Gatherings in Bandon  –Ceremonies  of meditative readings, contemplative silence , sharing and song –   with the support of my companion ministers in Munster.  These gatherings  are offered as an opportunity  for those of all traditions and none  to come together to share time in contemplative silence, in   song, in listening to  devotional readings  and in reflection.


Meditation – ‘Stepping into Stillness’



I am a qualified teacher of the Ishayas’  Meditation Techniques.

This meditation is effortless, simple and effective which anyone can learn and practice, whatever their beliefs.

These techniques are usually taught over a weekend  called a 1st Sphere.


Spiritual Accompaniment
(Holy Listening)


The act of seeking help is very powerful  – it requires the overcoming of all the thoughts in your head that say, ‘I can cope,’  and  ‘I am a strong and independent person and I  don’t need help…and that says ‘Even if I do ask for help,  no-one will be able to give me the help I need, I actually know what they will say.’  etc etc

But it is the ACT of asking, which requires that you relinquish that sense of separateness, and allow yourself to be vulnerable,  to surrender control, which in itself is great healing and connecting.



When  the thoughts in your head are making you miserable; when you are confused and feeling disconnected from  the Divine within you; when you are  feeling unable to find your way through  confusion, grief, or some other  difficulty in your life  it is often helpful to  give yourself  the opportunity  to share the confusion, stresses, loneliness and struggles  with  a fellow human being who will be present with you ,  listen compassionately and non judgmentally.  and  enable you to   re – member who you are ,  bring you back to  a sense of the love, wisdom and power latent within you, waiting to be embraced and shared with the world. This is a gentle process where you are held in your wholeness while you  find your way home. I may use silence, prayer,  transformative art processes , and  journalling with you.  I specialise in codependency issues.


Universal Spirituality Study groups

“Truth is within ourselves;

It takes no rise from outward things…

TO KNOW rather consists in opening out

a way whence the imprisoned splendour may escape.”


– Browning –


I am a Fellow within The Universal Order, a small organisation based in the UK  which offers a life long training in Integral Wisdom.

I like to offer opportunities for those interested in practical mysticism to meet and discuss  spirituality from a universal perspective.



”Do not let anyone lure you or frighten you

out of that calm place within yourself where God reposes,

for that is your home and your temple,

your refuge and your adventure”


– Stephen Rowe-


Retreats are a time to reflect, to re-member yourself, 

to seek sanctuary from everyday life and its stresses. 

I create weekend retreats and one day workshops  using silent meditation, transformative art exercises, and sacred dance as gentle ways of allowing ourselves to see more clearly how to stay anchored to that infinite stability deep within us.


Budding in our hearts?

It is the glorious sound

Of a soul waking up!

– Hafiz –

About Me


As a One Spirit Inter-Faith Minister  I honour the eternal unity, truth, harmony and  beauty   which lie deep within all traditions and indeed within each one of us, however we name  and interpret those universal  ideals.

Therefore I  seek to serve  all those who  like me  look for meaning in life, and  wish to deepen their  relationships with  themselves, with others, with the world around them and with  the Divine Essence however   that may be understood.

Whether you are getting married, naming a new baby, marking an event or a transition in your life, or celebrating the life of a loved one who has died, I can create with you a beautiful and individual ceremony which is meaningful for you and reflects your own way of seeing life.

I will take time to get to know you and get a sense of who you are. I can incorporate elements from different religious or cultural traditions, or make a very simple ceremony.

I  also provide opportunities for you to reflect on life,  through Community Gatherings, Spiritual Accompaniment , Meditation workshops, Universal Study groups  and Retreats.  Please contact me  to discuss any of these things further.




We are incredibly grateful to you for such a beautiful ceremony. Our friends and family are still talking about it. We loved every minute …and feel extremely privileged. Thanks so much for the care and attention to detail you gave our ceremony, lots of love

 Caitriona, John, and Beth.

Jane did a fantastic job as minister for my father Joe’s funeral. She was a great help to us personally and a calming, grounding presence to have around….

I am particularly thankful for an extended phone call we had in which I had the chance to outline what I intended to say in the eulogy. After that phone call I felt reassured that what I would say was not only sufficient but worth saying. …

The ceremony was very cathartic for us, the direct family; the attendees who I spoke to afterwards were very touched and felt it was a send-off that my father himself would have liked. 

In the days after the funeral Jane reached out to me and we had a chance to debrief after what was an extremely intense and emotional experience. We discussed what we took from the experience.

I honestly feel that it helped me to say goodbye to my father. For that I am so very grateful.

Colm Wedel

– Sanctuary weekend Bere island –

The weekend was absolutely wonderful.  You structured it perfectly, with a lovely mix of activity and relaxation time.  I particularly enjoyed the art creativity and the experience of the tryptych will stay with me for a very long time.  (It is on the wall in the art studio to remind me).   The Admiral’s House has a unique atmosphere of calmness and tranquility which really enhanced our meditation times.  Thank you so much for the new techniques, especially the Pink Light.  It was great to meet such an interesting mix of people and to hear their stories, and I am sure they took equally wonderful memories of the weekend away with them as I did.

Maggie Tyndale

 One Spirit Interfaith Spring Gathering –

I thoroughly enjoyed the spring celebration. It gave me time to pause and be still and look at balance in my life. I hope to be able to come to more of these in the future. It’s such a wonderful service to have in the community!!

Isolde Haines