Minister Derek Bradley

Available for:
  • Aura-Soma Treatments
  • Baby Blessings
  • Bio-Dynamic Psychotherapy
  • Celtic Ceremonies
  • Funerals
  • Legal Weddings
  • Spiritual Counselling
Year of Ordination:
Regions covered:


Legal Weddings from the Heart

“Continued joy and happiness to you both!” – salutes Derek as the warmth of the whole ceremony and his own calming presence spread and vibrate throughout the room.

A New Alternative to Humanist Ceremonies in Ireland: Be Enveloped in the Warmth of Your Own Customized Ceremony, a Registered Solemniser is at your service!


My favourite thing about ceremonies is actually helping create them – I love fiddling around with ideas, looking for readings / blessings, and seeing the ceremony come together piece by piece. I often say to the couple that, as we begin to create the ceremony, it will take on a life of its own and will evolve into the right ceremony… for them! And in my experience so far that is what happens.


One Spirit Interfaith Ministers seek to honour and celebrate one’s individual journey and each individual’s faith path. As we live in ever changing times, our societal and spiritual needs are constantly being redefined. It is not a religion or a belief system, but rather a respecting and openness to the essence that is inherent in all orthodox religions and schools of thought.
Each Interfaith Minister brings that very ethos with them when creating and facilitating ceremonies.
Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Spiritual counselling is also offered to those seeking further enquiry into their own understanding of self.

About Me


I’m Derek and I am a One Spirit Interfaith Minister, Bio-Dynamic Psychotherapist, and an Aura Soma Practitioner Level 2.

I qualified as a Bio- Dynamic Psychotherapist in 1997.
My work in this field included one to one therapy and group facilitation.

Through my own personal development, I became interested in the value and use of colour within the work and trained and qualified as an Aura Soma Practitioner Level 2 in 2011.

As I continued to work with my own growth and development I became increasingly aware of a need to find a spiritual path that would fulfil and nourish. Through this searching I came in contact with One Spirit Interfaith Foundation and in 2014 I applied and was accepted to train as a One Spirit Interfaith Minister.

I completed the training and was ordained on July 23rd, 2016. I am registered as A One Spirit Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counsellor and Legal Solemniser in the Republic of Ireland.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Derek has a natural ability to make people feel comfortable, welcome and included. His gentle humour, warmth and professionalism made me feel secure and prepared to truly celebrate these precious moments. Thank you Derek x

Juanna Ladaga

Derek is such a lovely warm person and really made our wedding very special. We were so lucky he was part of our day and made us feel at ease in the lead up to the wedding too. He really invested his time to get to know us and to reflect our relationship in the ceremony and we will always appreciate his role in our marriage. Looking forward to hearing from you.