Rev Bernadette Brophy

Available for:
  • Baby Blessings
  • Ceremonies and Rituals to Celebrate the Celtic Wheel of the Year
  • Funerals
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Weddings
Year of Ordination:




My own spirituality is rooted in all ancient cultures but most especially in our own rich ancient Celtic / pre Celtic tradition.

In my experience ceremony emerges from a creative process which begins with the wishes, beliefs and aspirations of those wanting to hold the ceremony. My role is to facilitate and guide this process and also to offer my warmth, creativity, and experience so that a little bit of magic is created.

I am aware that many people are not certain of the style of ceremony that best represents them. For wedding I delight in working with couples (be they same sex or opposite sex ) to assist them in gaining that clarity so that together we can custom design a ceremony that will be a pleasure to witness and that will set the tone for ones special wedding day.

Baby Blessing Ceremony


The creation of life and the act of birth are two of the eternal mysteries of our existence.

Celebrating, welcoming and naming a baby is a wonderful occasion.

During my own grand-daughter’s blessing ceremony we planted a cherry blossom tree, so that it may mirror her as she blossoms and grows through life.


Wedding Ceremony

best-alternative-legal-weddings-ireland-outdoors-bernie-brophie-spiritual counselling anam cara support self-help ireland OneSpirit-Interfaith-Minsters-Ireland-HSE-registered-official-legal-spiritual-alternative-weddings-ireland-sacred-same-sex-gay-lesbian-humanist-spiritualist-multicultural-cross-cultural-celtic-traditional-handfasting-dara-molloy-priest-wedding-ceremony-solemniser-alternative-to-church-non-religious-pagan-wiccan-wedding-vows-blessings-interfaith-ministers-dublin-wicklow-galway-sligo-cork-northern-ireland-NI-atheist-marriage

handfasting-handbinding-celtic-best-alternative-legal-weddings-ireland-outdoors-bernie-brophie-OneSpirit-Interfaith-Minsters-Ireland-HSE-registered-official-legal-spiritual-alternative-weddings-ireland-sacred-same-sex-gay-lesbian-humanist-spiritualist-multicultural-cross-cultural-celtic-traditional-handfasting-dara-molloy-priest-wedding-ceremony-solemniser-alternative-to-church-non-religious-pagan-wiccan-wedding-vows-blessings-interfaith-ministers-dublin-wicklow-galway-sligo-cork-northern-ireland-NI-atheist-marriageI myself have been married for 35 years and I have learnt that the romantic relationship between two people is the most enriching, challenging and rewarding relationship that there is. There are great opportunities for deep love and personal growth when you share your life with somebody else.

In ancient Celtic culture couples announced their marriage through a handbinding / handfasting ceremony choosing to unite their hands and hearts into one life.





Urn for holding the ashes


Eco friendly pods

Working as a nurse in an Intensive Care Unit for most of my life and being close to those who are dying, death is something that I am very comfortable with. I would feel privileged to have the opportunity to plan and create a service or ritual that honours the spirit of the deceased and that is faithful to that person’s values and beliefs while respecting the needs and the wishes of their family and friends.





Why have ceremony?

Ceremony can allows you to:

 Connect and celebrate each other,

 Open channels to the spiritual world within and without,

 Ceremony allows us to express our joy and appreciation for being alive,

 Allows us to articulate our personal beliefs,

 Gives us opportunity to discard negative influences that cause stress, fatigue, and illness,

 Ceremony helps us to understand the purpose of our lives.

About Me

sacred-legal-humanis-spiritualist-best-alternative-weddings-ireland-outdoor-legal-handfasting-ceremony-interfaith-ministers-registered-solemniser-ireland-weddings-berni-brophy-duffy-OneSpirit-Interfaith-Minsters-Ireland-HSE-registered-official-legal-spiritual-alternative-weddings-ireland-sacred-same-sex-gay-lesbian-humanist-spiritualist-multicultural-cross-cultural-celtic-traditional-handfasting-dara-molloy-priest-wedding-ceremony-solemniser-alternative-to-church-non-religious-pagan-wiccan-wedding-vows-blessings-interfaith-ministers-dublin-wicklow-galway-sligo-cork-northern-ireland-NI-atheist-marriageHello, my name is Berni Brophy.

I’m a 55 year old woman and I was born and raised in Vicarstown, Co. Laois where I now live with my husband of 35 years, John, and my three daughters Jil, Kate and Niamh. Being brought up on a farm I have a very deep connection to the spirit of the land and the people and to the old ways and so when I read an advertisement in a magazine that asked ‘Did you ever want to be a minister / priest?’ I felt that I could finally fulfil my dream and two years later was ordained as an Interfaith Minister.

I find it very enriching to be a part of this interfaith community. I get a lot of support and joy from not only spending time with fellow ministers but also by being involved in the creative process of ceremony and the deep spiritual connection forged during a counselling session.



Hey Berni

Just wanted to drop you a note before we head off to legoland to say a big Thankyou to you for our most beautiful day… It was so moving and so thoughtful that we couldn’t have asked for more… You are such an amazing lady and we are so glad to have met you.. The ceremony that was created, reflected us so much,from the chair which was very moving, to the poems to marks speech, and even to the trained butterfly that sat on my dress while the ceremony took place..

From our whole hearts we Thankyou and we feel very privileged that you were a part of our day..
If you ever need anything or just an aul chat or catch up then our door will always be open..

Is go neiri an bothair leat

Lisa and Mark

Dear Berni,
This is just a little note to say thank you so much for acting as our celebrant.
Your advice, guidance and patience was integral to our wonderful wedding ceremony.
We were delighted that you became such a big part of our wedding day.
Lots of love

Simon and Winnie

Our wedding was everything and more that we had envisioned. We created the ceremony and felt it really represented us as a couple. Every word held meaning and made sense to us.
Berni supported us throughout the process and brought our dream into reality. She was not only our celebrant but became a friend who we felt comfortable and relaxed with on the “big “day.
Our friends and family were a little apprehensive as they had not heard of an interfaith ceremony and did not know what to expect, but afterwards they all remarked on how it had been both the most intimate and relaxed ceremony they had been to.

Jil and Anthony

For us our ceremony was perfect, just the way we wanted it.
Everyone commented on how beautifully personal and unique it was.
You made every one relaxed and your warm and heartfelt presence there made our ceremony very special and memorable.
Hugh thank you from us both for making our ceremony truly beautiful.

Deirdre and Stuart

Dear Berni,
Just a few lines to say thank you so much for taking care of us and our ceremony. When I walked into the circle with Dad and saw your smile I just relaxed and knew all would be well.
Wasn’t it just magical that the robin landed on my head and then flew to Marks shoulder, I think my sister caught it on camera.
Being hand-fasted was so meaningful and profound and it felt like a key being turned in a lock to seal our union
Thank you, Thank you ,Thank you ,

Gráine and Liam