Rev Marianne McGiffin

Available for:
  • Anointings
  • Baby Blessings
  • Funerals
  • Healing Facilitator
  • Holistic Healing Therapy
  • Weddings
Year of Ordination:


“You are pure, perfect and complete” 
– Upanishads –


Marianne describes her ministry as primarily for those who find themselves ‘on the margins’ in our society.


Inspired by the Christian parable of the Good Shepherd, Marianne describes her ministry as primarily ‘for those on the margins’:

ceremony-for-pet-burial-ireland-church-alternative-2 This includes people living with physical and mental illnesses, along with those who love them.
 Older adults who struggle with feelings of isolation, decreasing coping skills, and lack of self-worth.
 Experiencing herself as ‘on the margins’ with regard to most established churches in view of her sexual orientation as lesbian, Marianne offers herself especially to the LGBTI community for ministry.
 And a little extra: like Francis of Assisi, Marianne has a love of, and feeling for animals … They are also a manifestation of the Divine in the world. Thus, she offers Pet Services (welcoming a new pet, blessings, burials, bereavement work).



“The glory of God is a person fully alive”
– Irenaeus of Lyons –

About Me

Marianne was ordained in July 2016, aged 66.ireland-counselling-services-for-elders-2

Her professional background is in psychiatric, rehabilitation and hospice nursing – along with nurse education at third-level. When she took early retirement in 2010, she retrained as a Healthcare Chaplain over a three-year period in Ireland, before embarking on two years’ training with One Spirit Interfaith Seminary.

At present, she is working as a part-time Interfaith Chaplain in a psychiatric hospital for long-term, chronically mentally ill people in Dublin.