Rev Enda Donnellan D.O.(O.C.I)

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  • Celtic Ceremonies
  • Customised Ceremonies
  • Funerals
  • Interfaith and Inter-Spiritual Dialogue
  • Osteopathy
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Weddings
  • Media Appearances
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Based in Slane, Co. Meath


TV3 Interview 2012 with Rev. Enda Donnellan

The world of spirituality and religion is quite vast. My understanding is that no matter what religion we adopt, no matter what spiritual belief (or no belief) we have, we are all unified by the energy of Love. We all look to be loved in life and to share our Love. Sometimes we don’t believe in Love because of some experience we have had and this is understandable, however above all Love is the mystery that brings deep meaning to life.

My job as an Interfaith Minister is to be of service. I do not practice any religion but understand the essence of most religions. I consider myself to be Spiritual and have been exploring the world of Spirituality for many years.

I feel my ministry is about bringing people together and celebrating important moments in people’s lives. My particular passion is for Weddings, inclusive Spiritual events and media dialogue.

Personalised Weddings & Life Ceremonies



There is nothing more joyous than witnessing two people in love, celebrating that love.

I love to work with a couple to create an intimate wedding ceremony that reflects their personal beliefs, feelings of love and views on Spirituality.

I am very open-minded and have lots of ideas and suggestions to bring to each ceremony.

The process starts by you initially making contact with me.  I will meet you both together and then separately later on to get to know you both personally.

In this way I can create a personalised ceremony that honours who you are and the love you have for each other.

In the Media

Irish Times article

Same Sex Wedding magazine story

Conscious / Spiritual / Shamanic Events in Ireland

Founder & producer of the following conscious events:conscious-concert-ireland-rds-dublin-OneSpirit-Interfaith-Minsters-Ireland-HSE-registered-official-legal-spiritual-alternative-weddings-ireland-sacred-same-sex-gay-lesbian-humanist-spiritualist-multicultural-cross-cultural-celtic-traditional-handfasting-dara-molloy-priest-wedding-ceremony-solemniser-alternative-to-church-non-religious-pagan-wiccan-wedding-vows-blessings-interfaith-ministers-dublin-wicklow-galway-sligo-cork-northern-ireland-NI-atheist-marriage

www.ConsciousConcert.ieIreland Winter Solstice Experience Newgrange Dowth Glebe House overnight-inspirational-venue-OneSpirit-Interfaith-Minsters-Ireland-HSE-registered-official-legal-spiritual-alternative-weddings-ireland-sacred-same-sex-gay-lesbian-humanist-spiritualist-multicultural-cross-cultural-celtic-traditional-handfasting-dara-molloy-priest-wedding-ceremony-solemniser-alternative-to-church-non-religious-pagan-wiccan-wedding-vows-blessings-interfaith-ministers-dublin-wicklow-galway-sligo-cork-northern-ireland-NI-atheist-marriage

Annual spring time concert with Mystic Speakers, Sacred Music & Dance in RDS Concert Hall, Dublin.

Ireland’s Festival to celebrate World’s Earth Day (April) Earth Awareness, Great Music, Communal Food & Healing. Slane, Co. Meath

Winter Solstice Experience – annual overnight indoor & outdoor experience held by some of Ireland’s wise Elders & Healers; Glebe House, Dowth and Newgrange, Co. Meath.

[2014-2016] – Power Of Love – Conscious New Year’s Eve Party; Greystones Theatre, Greystones, Dublin.

About Me

I started my interest in people and Spirituality when I left school in 1994. Trained as a Physiologist I specialised in Osteopathy and qualified after 5 years training in 2001 and have been in private practice as an Osteopath since. During this period I also trained in yoga and Tai Chi and lectured in anatomy and physiology for two years.
I wanted to find a way of being of service to the wider community in a spiritual way. Through research and a couple of synchronicities I found the Interfaith Seminary in the UK and after undertaking the training I was ordained in 2012.

Over the past few years I have also produced two national spiritual events in Ireland. Conscious Concert Ireland which is in the RDS Dublin each Spring time and Ireland’s Winter Solstice event at Newgrange & Dowth

I love to communicate and chat about life and Spirituality and have made numerous appearances on TV and Radio in recent years.

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We can’t speak highly enough of Enda and the importance of the role he played in helping us to have the honest, genuine and beautiful wedding day that we had hoped for. Amidst all the preparations, Enda gave us the time and space to always remind us that the day was about the two of us and the love we shared for one other.
From our first meeting, Enda was completely open to our ideas whilst also giving us direction when we needed it. He respected our thoughts and beliefs, got to genuinely know us both individually and as a couple, and helped us make the journey very special.
The feedback about Enda from our guests was unanimously positive and we will always be grateful for the huge effort he put in to our ceremony.


Laura Marie and Niall

Wedding Buddhist Temple, Slane Co.Meath

“John and I were planning on getting married for a number of years,we are together just over six years. At the beginning of the year 2014 we had finally decided to celebrate our love for each other in a very special way. Having had many negative religious experiences growing up we wanted an open marriage transparent with only the commitment to each that we could withhold. We wondered where we would find the right person to marry us that would fulfil our marriage wishes. We were very clear our marriage would be non-conventional with no disrespect to anybody else’s beliefs or morals.
John and I had no doubt about our love trust and commitment for each other. We wanted a ceremony that celebrated just that, with friends and family we choose to be part of it. We wanted it about us but also to include those who would attend at some level and of course to make it legal but not in the eyes of the church.
We then met with him at his home in Slane. John Hannah( my daughter )and I. The first thing that struck us was the calmness and peace both from Edna, also the energy in the room where we sat to talk with him.He was very easy to talk to very pleasant with an excellent sense of humour. We expressed our ideas, he listened he did not judge. He explained what Interfaith Ministries were about. He discussed both his role in the planning of the marriage also in the actual marriage ceremony.He also explained what he would bewearing. Enda made no judgement on our wishes of marriage.
John and I had to meet with him separately to talk to him about ourselves and where we were coming from on an individual basis. He was very precise in his questions, as he needed to establish that we were sure marriage was what we wanted also of course that we loved each other.He discussed many things with us such as what qualities we saw in each other. What our own personal views were on how we perceived love. We both found this very good as he helped us look at ourselves reinforcing the qualities we see in each other. It was also special as it allowed us to declare to him our love and commitment for each other which we love to do. Enda made us feel so at ease, his heart was open to our ideas of a marriage celebration. He respected our wishes of honouring those who couldn’t make it on our special day.He suggested including a symbolic way of including them both from the spirit and living world which we did. We found Enda to be an exceptionally accommodating person, he made our ceremony magical.
Enda’s presence in the ceremony was very much felt, it visually displayed a level of total commitment to us. He gave us his undivided attention, in fact people where very intrigued as to how strongly he connected to us both, also when appropriate, included guests and family. There was no stone left unturned with Enda.
His presences and energy was felt in every single person along with John and I. Our friends and family highlighted this following the ceremony. He had a profound positive impact on everyone present.
Enda’s sense of humour added to our ceremony putting both us also our guests at ease. Enda guided us through our vows, sent us lots of lovely ideas most of which we included in our wedding ceremony. He also got us to check in on some of our poems, without him, we may not have seen that they were perhaps not totally appropriate for our ceremony.
Enda was always there, only a phone call away no matter what our request was, his support and understanding and guidance was outstanding. We thank him from the bottom of our hearts and highly recommend him to anyone no matter what your ideas are of a marriage ceremony or commitment.

Enda facilitated us beyond his call of duty to make our day the very special day it was. We will cherish it for the rest of our lives. We found the right person to marry us. We could not have asked for a better person. Our ceremony was full of love and emotion felt by both ourselves and everyone there. It moved people’s hearts from all walks of lives and religious back grounds.
Thank you Enda so much for marrying John and I your contribution to our lives will stay with us for ever, you will always hold a place in our hearts your truly an amazing guy.
Teresa& John.xxxx”

John and Teresa

Glebe House, Dowth, Meath

“Having both come from different backgrounds and cultures, it was such a blessing to find someone who took the time to know and engage us to create such a perfect wedding ceremony. The emphasis to detail, personal touch and mindfulness created uniqueness all through. Enda, thank you for making our day so special for us.”

Emer and Joshua Mugisha

Knappogue Castle, Co.Clare

“Enda, thank you for making this special day even more wonderful. You have taken the time to get to know us and build this ceremony our love for each other and because of that this day day will always be in our hearts, Thank you.”

Dawn and Eugene Graner (USA)