How We Serve

“I slept and I dreamed that life is all joy.
I woke and I saw that life is all service.
I served and I saw that service is joy.”

~ Khalil Gibran

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Our ordained Interfaith Ministers and Spiritual Counsellors / Guides offer a range of services in the community. These vary, depending on the interests of each individual minister. We offer customised ceremonies honouring all the stages of life and death. We also help those wishing to connect with their higher / deeper self and to do so in a way that honours whatever they hold truly sacred in their lives.


Legal Weddings, Wedding Blessings, Vows Renewal, Civil Partnerships Blessings

Baby Blessings / Welcoming, Naming Ceremonies

Funerals, Wakes, Memorials

Rites of Passage Adolescence / Menopause / Retirement / Emigrating

Other Ceremonies: House Blessings / Worship Ceremonies / Celtic Seasonal ceremonies: Samhain / Imbolc / Beltane / Lunasa; Divorce

Healing Services

Read more on Legal Weddings >>     Go here for all Other Ceremonies >>

Spiritual Counselling & Guidance

Many Interfaith Ministers offer spiritual counselling / guidance to support people in their spiritual journeys and help them gain spiritual insight and perspective through life’s ups-and-downs.

Workshops, Talks, Courses

From time to time Interfaith Ministers hold workshops and talks on issues related to spirituality. These events will be posted as they happen on our website.



group-photo-interfaith-ministers-weddings-funerals-ireland-OneSpirit-Interfaith-Minsters-Ireland-HSE-registered-official-legal-spiritual-alternative-weddings-ireland-sacred-same-sex-gay-lesbian-humanist-spiritualist-multicultural-cross-cultural-celtic-traditional-handfasting-dara-molloy-priest-wedding-ceremony-solemniser-alternative-to-church-non-religious-pagan-wiccan-wedding-vows-blessings-interfaith-ministers-dublin-wicklow-galway-sligo-cork-northern-ireland-NI-atheist-marriageYou can talk to our Interfaith Ministers >> about any of these services


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