Code Of Ethics

All One Spirit Interfaith Ministers are committed
to the following code of ethics
summarised below:


Honouring our universality – respecting our uniqueness

Embracing the truth in all authentic religions and spiritual paths, and agreeing to live by our vision of inclusiveness.

Walking our talk

Agreeing to uphold the ethical and practical principles of the spiritual path we follow.

Celebrating honesty

Aiming to cultivate conscious and clean communication as the basis for our speech.

Protecting clarity

Avoiding using such substances which would interfere with our purpose and intention.

Honouring physical boundaries.

Being sensitive and respectful in expressing physical affection.

Representing ourselves accurately

Striving for integrity in all of our relationships and acknowledging the importance of not misleading others about our responses or services we can offer, or exaggerating in any way our professional achievements.

Maintaining confidentiality

Holding any personal information in the strictest confidence.

Valuing support and supervision in community

Agreeing to draw fully upon the resources of our community for support and guidance and committing to regular supervision of our spiritual guidance work.

Committed to continued awakening

Dedicating ourselves to continually deepening our personal spiritual practice so that our service may be grounded in an authentic and evolving spiritual life.

Safeguarding the whole

Agreeing to do all we can to live and work by this code of ethics and addressing concerns without fear in the atmosphere and compassion and fairness to all that The One Spirit Interfaith Seminary embodies.


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